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Magician in Surrey

Magicians in Surrey hire Magic OZ is a professional Surrey close up magician who specializes in various types of interactive magic. He has worked as a garden party magician, table magician, and corporate

close up magician at public events and functions all across Surrey, corporate events, product launches, and family private parties.

Tel: 07974 357 911

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Close-up Magicians in Surrey OZ

Close up Magicians in Surrey Hire

“I must Thank you once again for your assistance throughout the evening, we were lucky to find a professional who not only amazed our clients with stunning magic, who also made the event so memorable. Your performances at each table left the guests laughing yet spellbound, a great and very enjoyable evening

Thank you so much.”

Close up magician Surrey is always popular — people love watching the magic happen up close and personal, right in front of their eyes!
 favorite Surrey magician Magic Oz offers lively, entertaining magic that everyone can enjoy.
 With smart sleight of hand, he can make the impossible happen right under your nose,
 entertaining everyone from wedding guests to executives attending a formal business reception. 
Close up Magicians in Surrey
Magic Oz is also in demand as one of Surrey’s most popular wedding magicians, offering ‘mix and mingle’ magic, special children’s shows to keep the youngsters happy,
 or a full cabaret shows that all your guests can enjoy after dinner. Magician Surrey.
very wedding deserves that special touch of magic that Magic Circle Magician Magic Oz provides, delighting friends,
 relatives, and guests with the kind of easy-to-enjoy magical fun that makes the day even more memorable.

Magician in Surrey Family Close up Magician Children's Entertainer Magic OZ

What’s more, Magic Oz is an experienced Charity Auctioneer Surrey who has worked all over Surrey and the south-east.

Whatever charitable or fund-raising event you are organizing, Magic Oz will be a highly entertaining and effective Auctioneer,

keeping things moving and putting everyone in the right mood not only to have fun but also to place the highest possible bids!

Whether you’re after a first-rate Surrey wedding magician or just a little magic for your next corporate special occasion,

Magic Oz will tailor his magic repertoire to suit you and the style of the event. With Magic Oz, you don’t get the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead,

you get a specific package of tailor-made magical entertainment that’s a perfect match for your special event or celebration.

Magicians in Surrey Are you looking for a close-up Magician in Surrey?

Magic OZ is one of the top performers in the UK today and member of the prestigious Magic Circle and a full member of Equity.

Magicians are great entertainment and can really make a function that extra special. Magician Surrey

Magicians in Surrey Magic OZ

Surrey Close-up Magicians

Whether your function is small and intimate or you have a large number of guests all over the Surrey Area, Magic Oz delivers his magic in a unique way ensuring

everyone is amazed and dazzled and has fun at any birthday parties or family gatherings.

Call Magic Oz to find out how he can provide the most spectacular form of entertainment for your function in Surrey.

Wedding Magicians in Surrey

Your wedding day in Surrey is not just the most special day of your life but a day when you want your family and friends to share that joy. Find out how Magic Oz can entertain and amaze your guests, making your Surrey wedding Day is the best wedding ever and memories that you will treasure forever.

If you are planning a party or special event, Magic Oz who is one of the elite party magicians in Surrey will have your friends, family, and guests talking about the event for weeks. Magic Oz is the magician your guests will never forget. Your wedding day is not just the most special day of your life but a day when you want your family and friends to share that joy. Find out how Magic Oz can entertain and amaze your guests, making your wedding the best wedding ever and memories that you will treasure forever as the Close up Magician Surrey

If you are planning a party or special event, Magic Oz who is one of the elite party magicians in Surrey will have your friends,

family, and guests talking about the event for weeks. Magic Oz is the close-up magician your guests will never forget.

Surrey Corporate Magician

Holding a corporate event, conference and need one of the best close up magicians in Surrey. Magic Oz will entertain and dazzle whoever you invite.

Surrey Children’s Party Entertainer

Looking for a Surrey children’s entertainer, look no further you have found the best you can find.

Children’s entertainers are not, all the same, see the testimonial and find out why you should choose Magic Oz.

Oz will entertain and amaze children of all ages.

As one of the most fun Surrey magicians today. Magician Surrey

You only get one chance on your event or function so

why not call Oz today.

Magician in Surrey.

Tel: 07974 357 911 – 0208 549 9234

Surrey Magician Magic OZ who offers a wide range of services.

The best Surrey Magician for smiles around

Surrey Corporate Magicians

Holding a corporate event, conference and need one of the best magicians for hire in Surrey. Magic Oz will entertain and dazzle whoever you invite.

Recommended, Hire Magic Circle Close up Magician Magic OZ who has worked at many of the county’s top venues with his stunning comedy magic and captivates his audiences wherever he goes.

If you are looking to make your special birthday party or event, Wedding something to be remembered then Magic OZ is the Magician for you.

Magic OZ brings people together in a fun and magical way for all your friends, family or colleagues to make your event the one to be remembered,

with his sleight of hand using everyday objects, coins, cards, even wedding rings, so you want your guests to talk about your party or event by adding some Magic you will be the talk of the town.

Magician for Birthday Parties

Magic OZ was absolutely brilliant and everyone young and old thought he was not only a fantastic Magician but a very nice guy too. I would not have any qualms recommending OZ he is a gent with top magic skills. Magician Surrey

Christmas Party Magicians in Surrey

Oz will entertain and amaze children and adults of all ages at any Christmas Party. As one of the most fun Christmas magicians for hire today.

You only get one chance on your event or function so why not call Oz todayMagic OZ Covers Magician Guaranteed.

Looking for a Unique Close-up Magician Surrey for your Special Occasion?

Magic OZ is one of the top Unique Close up Magicians in Surrey today.

Magic OZ is available for hire as one of the best Surrey Close up Magicians for all types of events throughout Surrey and across the UK.

Stunning First Class Comedy Magic for Private Birthday Parties at home to Weddings at some of the best venues in the UK, to Performing at top

Corporate Events and Functions as a Surrey Magician, Fully Qualified Full-time Magic Circle Close-up Magician in Surrey,

Magic OZ has been hired to perform for many top celebrities and corporate companies, Private clients and has always kept his clients confidentiality a high priority. Magic OZ is a full member of the famous Magic Circle and a full Equity Actors Member, Full CRB check/DBS disclosure.

Looking to Find the very best in Close up Magicians in Surrey?

When you want a Close up Magician Surrey you want to find the very best for your special event or function, Party or for your special Wedding day, You may have seen Magic OZ perform at another Venue or party or just been recommended he offers the best in Entertainment Guaranteed. Magic OZ Surrey Birthday Party Magician has performed at many of the top venues across the Surrey area, Surrey Wedding Magician and is booked for many Public Events, Fates and Family Fun days as a Surrey Corporate Magician and a Comedy Magician Surrey.

Black Tie Magicians in Surrey

You will find Magic OZ performing at all type of special functions including, Family Fun Days, Large corporate parties, Celebrity and VIP Functions, to a Birthday Party in a private House or Hotel. OZ is very experienced as a Close up Magician and offers the very best in Comedy Magic, his style is very laid back but performs a uniquely modern approach in Magic using everyday objects to full Comedy stage shows. Your guests will be entertained with magic right up close with Comedy and engage all who attend. Please visit the Testimonial page so you can see Magic OZ feedback.

Surrey Wedding Magician, Magician Surrey

You only get one chance on your very Special Wedding day so Why not have all your family and friends entertained by the Comedy Wedding Magician Surrey Magic OZ. If you want the very best Icebreaker you can ever have, OZ can provide the ultimate wedding entertainment and offers the following services: All day greet your family and friends, provide P.A System, Act as Master of Ceremonies, Emcee, Entertain The children and Adults and evening guests too, or you may want Oz to show stunning Close up magic during the meal or Entertain the children as OZ is the Favourite Children’s Entertainer in Surrey.

Close-up Magician in Surrey

Getting one of the best Close-up Magicians in Surrey OZ will make your Special Occasion be remembered and Oz uses Comedy and everyday objects to impress all who attend, Family, Fiends, or a Corporate function to your Special Wedding Day.

The Favourite Children’s Entertainer in Surrey Magic OZ is the very Sought after and Favourite Children’s Entertainer Surrey, why!!!

OZ puts a huge amount of effort to make your Children’s Birthday Party be remembered not only for the Children but for the adults too. He is one of only a small few Entertainers that offers the very best Guaranteed Fun Birthday Parties in Surrey today. If you want the Children to have the ultimate Birthday Party and the parents to enjoy the spectacular Magic Show and join in, well you have come to the right place. Magician Surrey

As a Mum and Dad you need to show nowadays that you are giving one of the best parties ever and that Magic OZ will deliver, great for you, Your Children’s Birthday Party and with no worries, Oz takes care of all the entertainment for you, You just supply the food, and decorations that’s it.

Surrey Birthday Party Magicians

When you need to add that something special to a family Birthday, look no further than Magic OZ the ultimate Birthday Party Magician SurreyBirthdays are a Special time for all your family and friends and you want to make it a very memorable time, as a Unique Comedy Surrey Birthday Party Magician you will get the very best memories for your special day, one that will be special, Magical and most important remember. You may consider having a joint Birthday Party or need Children and Adults entertained, well OZ offer both.

Oz offers Birthday Party Celebrations, House parties, Special family event, Small Private party, either way, OZ will deliver the very best for your Special Occasion.

Comedy Magician in Surrey

What to have a great time, Oz will deliver the very best as a Surrey Comedy Magician. He will put a smile on everyone face and make sure all have a great and Magical time. Comedy Magic at its very best for all who attend Guaranteed.

Surrey Corporate Magician

If you want your clients or company Event or Function to be remembered and to be impressed then you need the very best Magic OZ will deliver. OZ offers a variety of Entertainment from, Corporate Close up Magic, Comedy Stage shows or a mix of both.

Ideal for your special Drinks reception or breaking the ice between groups of clients as a Surrey Corporate Magician, Family Corporate days, Product Launches, and most importantly be remembered to enhance your message or event and to promote your business with specially designed magic tricks that will impress your clients, staff or Function.

Hire Magician in Surrey

Hire Magic OZ the Ultimate Unique Magician in Surrey for all Special Occasion and Events.

Table Magicians in Surrey

Oz has performed at a huge number of venues and events as a Table Magician Surrey to offer the very best in Close up Magic at your Table.

He delivers a lot of fun, Comedy, and Magic to all, and entertains all age groups with spectacular Table Magic.

Magicians for Hire in Surrey

OZ is one of the most sought-after Magicians for Hire in Surrey today, most of Magic OZ Performances are through Recommendations so you know you will get one of the top Magician who will make your event go from standard to spectacular, Please take a look at the Testimonials.

Charity Auctioneer in Surrey, Emcee

OZ is often asked to act as Charity Auctioneer Surrey, especially for charities as humour is used to make the occasion very memorable and to extract the highest funds possible from your guests, in a fun and delightful way.

If you have a requirement for an Auctioneer please get in contact and OZ who can offer you free advice as part of his unique Auctioneer service to help make your event to be a complete success, Memorable and to make more money. OZ has developed and used humour to master his Emcee role and Auction skills all over the UK.

OZ is one of the most sought after Masters of Ceremonies and Auctioneers today with all types of formal to comedy roles depending on your event or function requirements.

OZ offers many other services to suit all type of events and functions form Auctions to Master of Ceremonies, Close up Magic and Comedy Stage show, you can Table Magic with a small Stage show just ask OZ and he can let you know what he can do to make your next Charity events be the very best. OZ offers packages at Special rates for all Charities wherever he can.

Oz performs as a Toastmaster, Master of Ceremonies and or a combination including Close up Magic / Table magic, even a small Comedy Cabaret Show can be included to enhance your special event.

Children’s Entertainer Surrey Magic OZ is one of the most Sought after Children’s Entertainers in Surrey today.

For the most Fantastic and the best Children’s Party entertainment Surrey for your Children’s Magic Birthday party. Magic OZ is the

Party Entertainers recommended Children’s Entertainer Surrey who offers the Best Parties in and around Surrey and Southern England UK Guaranteed.

MAGIC OZ entertains age group of 3 years to 103 and is always greatly received by all the clients he deals with. Children’s Entertainer Surrey

3 – 4 year: birthday show with Puppets with music and dance

5 – 7 years: Very funny magic Show with music and dance

8-14 years: Close-up Magic and workshop

15 – 103 years: Cabaret, Close-up, and stage Entertainer

Wedding anniversaries, Christenings, retirement parties,

Christmas parties Surrey, Children’s Party Magicians Surrey, Children’s Entertainer Surrey, Children’s Entertainers Surrey, Children’s Party Entertainer Surrey

Children’s Entertainers in Surrey

Magic OZ  is the Children’s Favourite Children’s Entertainer Surrey, whatever their age it will be the ultimate Entertainers Party in Surrey for them to remember Guaranteed. Magic OZ offers the best Magic shows with music and comedy dance and is the favourite and funniest Children’s Entertainers Surrey around today.

Children’s Party Entertainers Surrey. Simply Magic OZ Children’s Entertainer Entertains all who attend not only the Children but the adults too.

Magic OZ has fun and so do all the children, his children’s magic Surrey shows are astonishing and very funny both for children and adults.

Recommended Magic Circle Close up Magician, Magic OZ is a full-time professional Close up Magician, Children’s Entertainer and Wedding Magician, Corporate Entertainer.

OZ performs at private, and public events for Families, friends, and Clients with his stunning and unique comedy magic right under their nose.

Magic OZ is one of the Top magicians and has been all over Southern England the UK, Europe to perform his comedy Close up Magic.

Magic OZ is one of the top Close up Magicians in the UK today.

Magic OZ skills are a mixed blend of Unique magic, comedy which allows him to offers a variety of magical services across the UK.

Recommended Corporate Magicians, Hire Magic Circle Corporate Magician Magic OZ who has worked at many of the county’s top Corporate venues with his stunning comedy magic which captivates

his audiences wherever he goes.

Corporate Magician Hire. If you are looking to make your special Company party or event, to be remembered then Magic oz Hire Corporate Magician is the Magician for you.

Corporate Magicians Magic OZ brings people together in a fun and magical way for all colleagues or important clients to make your event the one to be remembered,

with his sleight of hand using everyday objects, coins, cards, even wedding rings.

If you want your guests to talk about your event by adding some Corporate Magic you will be the talk of the town.

Why not give Magic OZ a call today. Surrey, London, Kent, Middlesex, Essex, Sussex, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire

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